PLOwing Pots is a free website focused on providing Pot Limit Omaha players content to help them learn and improve their game.

Our Goal

The goal of PLOwing Pots is to give players access to resources that will help them improve their PLO game, regardless of their skill level.

While there is a large amount of material available for No-Limit Hold’em players, there is not nearly as much information available for those wishing to start learning PLO. Much of the information that you find searching the web is filled with bad advice or severely dated.

We created this site to help provide the information we wish we could easily find when we first started playing PLO. Hopefully you will find it useful, grow your strategy, and enjoy the game as much as we have.

Where to Start

If you are completely new to PLO, you can start with our introductory articles “What is Omaha?” and “How to Play Pot Limit Omaha.” If you already know how to play, head over to our blog and check out our strategy.